Using our gifts to give glory to God

“We are all followers of Jesus Christ called to do His will 24-7.”

I GREW UP IN A CHURCH ENVIRONMENT since the age of five and was “born again” at 15. I joined the workforce in 1973 and since then have worked for 27 years in the finance industry.

Was I equipped and ready to meet the world outside? I thought I was.

My journey in the working world was not easy. For the first few years I found it hard to live the Christian life – to be the “salt and light” of the world.

It was the fear of sinning against God that kept me walking the straight path. Indeed it was the providence of the Holy Spirit.

To me the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-19) was for those “elite” people – pastors and missionaries. Evangelism was just a programme that I took part in when I “felt led”. Lifestyle and conversional evangelism concepts were not taught then. All I knew was that it was “my duty” to bring the Good News to the lost.

Being a “good Christian” I struggled along. By the grace of God, I managed to witness to a few.

It was much later that I realised I could be an effective witness by living out my faith.

God has given us many things to equip us for the Great Commission. He is asking us today, “What are you doing with what I have given you?”

Are we willing to invest our lives in Kingdom work? What about the gifts God has given us?

His gifts include our vocation skills – accounting, nursing, management, etc. We can use these gifts to bring in the harvest and give God the glory.

Not only should we talk about the changes that Christ has made in our lives, but we should also show through our lives what it means to be followers of Jesus Christ.

Ultimately, it is the people of God who will do God’s mission. Therefore, “let our light shine before men, that they may see our good deeds and praise our Father in heaven.” We are all followers of Jesus Christ called to do His will 24-7.