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We are a singing people

My life has been permeated and blessed by Methodist connections on numerous fronts—I was educated at Methodist schools, and later taught there. I attended Sunday School and was baptised in a Methodist church. I am married to a Methodist pastor and we have two children, both of whom are currently actively connected with Methodist institutions.

One aspect that features prominently in my Methodist identity is music. Methodists have been called “a singing people”, not least due to the legacy of Charles Wesley’s hymns and the importance that John Wesley placed on music as an integral part of worship, and on congregational hymn-singing. Indeed, music has the power to elevate our worship and understanding of God and Scripture to a more profound level. I am continually blessed by the richness of the music and poetry of hymns and songs sung and played regularly throughout my life, and thankful for the inspiration, edification and encouragement that they provide me with day by day.  

Serving in the music ministry, particularly with the Methodist Festival Choir, has given me the opportunity to worship and fellowship with members of the wider Methodist community, and even with members of other denominations. I am thankful for the power of music to unite as we sing and present Scripture and the Christian experience in music of various styles and cultures.

In the words of the hymn-writer Fred Pratt Green, “Let all rejoice who have a voice to raise! And may God give us faith to sing always: Alleluia!”

Wong Lai Foon is the Resident Conductor of the Methodist Festival Choir. She worships at Barker Road Methodist Church. / Photo courtesy of Wong Lai Foon