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Well-loved Methodist missionary dies in US

Served in various parts
of Malaya and Asia.
— Methodist Church
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MRS BETTY SNEAD, who passed away in her home in Tucker, Georgia, on Sept 3, 2003 at the age of 83, was the widow of Methodist missionary, the Rev Paul Snead, who perished in an air mishap in 1953. She died suddenly of heart failure.

A memorial service was held at her home church, the United Methodist Church in Tucker, on Sept 14. It was attended by more than 100 people.

Before World War II, the Sneads served as missionaries in Vietnam and the Philippines, and were interned by the Japanese until their liberation in February 1945. They decided to return to Asia in 1948 to continue their ministry in Malaya and Mr Snead was ordained in Wesley Methodist Church in March 1949. The Sneads served in Telok Anson and Ipoh until Paul’s untimely demise.

Although Mrs Snead went home to the United States, where she taught school, she returned to Singapore in 1961 as matron of the hostel for missionary children at Barker Road, then Farrer Road, a calling she followed until it closed in 1982.

She was so revered by her charges that they arranged a party at her home three years ago. Her hostel alumni came from as far away as Myanmar and Norway to honour her.

In her retirement, Mrs Snead dedicated herself to church activities, teaching Bible classes and helping to prepare for the church fairs to raise funds for the local Methodist Children’s Home.

She is survived by two daughters, two sons, eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.