What do I do if I’m Covid Positive?

Emily Lim tells you in a second Covid-19 children’s book

What do I do if I’m Covid Positive

As a follow-up to I Can Recover at Home, an e-book that was produced last year to explain Ministry of Health (MOH) Home Recovery Programme to kids and families, Emily Lim, together with illustrator, Josef Lee, have once again teamed up to publish What Do I Do If I’m Covid Positive? The e-book was released on 20 February and is free.

This second e-book aims to let families know that their children can be cared for by family doctors and neighbourhood clinics for mild Covid-19 symptoms. Its contents are now updated with the inclusion of the latest medical input and health protocols from MOH as well as having a paediatrician’s perspective provided by Dr Darryl Lim, who also worked on I Can Recover at Home.

“Josef and I were happy to produce both e-books as our voluntary initiative for our community and we are so encouraged to see God’s invisible hand move this in a big way after we played our small part,” said Emily, who told Methodist Message that What Do I Do If I’m Covid Positive? was downloaded over 20,000 times from her blogsite at within two days of the book’s low-key release.

Emily, Josef and Darryl are Methodists; they worship at Barker Rd MC, Foochow MC and Wesley MC respectively.

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By the MCS Communications Team / Image courtesy of Emily Lim