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Winning World Cup fans for Christ

SIX CHRISTIAN GROUPS have come together to produce two resources – a DVD and a booklet – to reach out for Christ, fans of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, which began in South Africa on June 11 and will go on till July 11.

The World Cup has come to the TV screens of Singapore homes. The joy, excitement, tears, and the success, as well as the failures on the pitch, are being experienced not just by those present in South Africa but by all who are following the football action on the TV screens.

Athletes in Action (AIA), Singapore Youth For Christ (SYFC), Sports Coalition Singapore (SCS), The Bible Society of Singapore, One Hope and Youth More an Gold (YMTG) have made available the two resources for all who want to take advantage of the World Cup to reach out to others for Christ.

“The Prize” is a 26-minute DVD featuring football stars like Kaka of Brazil, Marcos Senna of Spain, and Nicola Legrottaglie of Italy. Discover, as they share their journey in football to the highest level, that the real prize is not found so much in a ball, or a match, or even the sport itself, but that it is found in a person, our Lord Jesus Christ.

This is an excellent resource for screening at homes, events, or given out to personal friends. The DVD provides a great opportunity to share the Gospel in an engaging and non-threatening manner to all football fans.

Please call Lionel or Eric at tel: 6742-6410 to arrange for collection of this resource. A love offering of $2 per DVD is appreciated to help defray the cost of reproducing this resource. Please make payment to Singapore Youth For Christ.

Champions is a “Sports Bible” following the birth, work, life, death and resurrection of Christ. Written in a colourful and engaging manner with life lessons from champions like Kaka (Brazil) and Enoch (Cameroon), it also includes football facts, ways to improve your game as well as tips on how to think, act and live like a champion.

This booklet is an excellent resource for young believers and can be an effective tool to challenge Christians to deepen their faith and learn how to live like a real champion in life, pleasing to the Lord.

It can be given to friends of the church to allow the articles and God’s Word to impact them. It is available at The Bible Society of Singapore at tel. 6337-3222. For orders of up to 200 copies, the cost per booklet is $2.50, for orders of more than 200 copies the cost per booklet is $2.

All funds raised through the sale of Champions will be channelled to the effort of Youth More Than Gold (www.ymtg.sg)