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Workshop on new maths techniques

THE Foochow Methodist Church Tuition programme will be conducting a workshop on new Mathematics techniques for parents and teachers at its premises at 90 Race Course Road on Nov 15, 2003 from 2.45 pm to 4.45 pm.

There will be a synopsis of some useful problem-solving heuristics to help participants unravel mind-boggling mathematics problems.

The workshop will be conducted by Ms Alice Ho, who has been tutoring primary school mathematics and secondary school elementary/additional mathematics since 1974. Many of her students are known to have achieved high marks.

The workshop fee is $30 per participant. All proceeds will go to the Sengkang Methodist Church Building Fund.

For registration, call Alice or Mary at tel: 6293-8757 during office hours, or email: admin@foochowmc.org.sg

Foochow MC has been running its free tuition classes since the 1980s as part of a programme to meet the needs of the Tekka neighbourhood.

The church started the classes on Saturdays with the help of a few Sunday School teachers. During the school holidays, the teachers organised parties and invited the parents to join in. The Sunday School teachers also invited the children to join the Sunday School. A few had responded, and are now worshipping at the church.

The tuition classes are being conducted every Saturday from 2 pm to 3.30 pm. Fifteen volunteers are teaching the children ranging from those in Primary 1 to Secondary 4 classes. The K2 English programme is held every Tuesday and Thursday (except school holidays and public holidays).

The church’s aim is to give the students in the Tekka neighbourhood not only academic support but also a holistic education to instil in them positive values and attitude towards life through Biblical principles.

Mary Ng is a pastor at Foochow Methodist Church.

A tuition class for Primary 1 and Primary 2 children with three of their teachers in the background. — Foochow Methodist Church picture.