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WSCS challenged to be good disciples and to help the poor


The WSCS in Singapore is affiliated to the World Federation of Methodist Women and Uniting Church Women, a part of a worldwide family of Christian women from more than 60 countries

THE Women’s Society of Christian Service (WSCS) of The Methodist Church in Singapore is challenged to be disciples; to do good and help the poor. “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” (Ephesians 2:10).

The General Conference WSCS launched the Methodist Women’s Ministries in September 2001 to create opportunities for every woman to share the abundant life of Christ with family, church and community.

Said Mrs Laureen Ong, President of the General Conference WSCS: “It is our belief that the tasks and responsibilities given to the church cannot be accomplished unless women be given an opportunity to use their gifts to the full in every part of the church life, and be allowed to make their contribution to the interpretation of God’s Word.

Its history
Susanah Wesley who, in her remarkable spirit, devotion and passion for women’s work in the church, began ministries for women from all walks of life, offering a place where a woman could serve the Lord. As women rendered their service their experience and effective service were recognised as valuable “aids” to the pastor.
Thus in the 1920s The Ladies Aid Society was formed. However, as the church grew, a wider spectrum of church activities developed, and women’s work expanded in tandem.

In 1939 in the Unification of Methodists, Women’s Societies were placed into new alignment. Women were accorded the privilege of sharing the responsibilities of all the benevolent boards of the church. Hence on Sept 28, 1939, the name “Ladies Aid Society” was changed to that of the “Women’s Society of Christian Service”. The Constitution adopted by the first General Conference of The Methodist Church at Atlanta City, New Jersey, the US, in May 1940, called into existence the “Women’s Society of Christian Service”.

The Book of Discipline of The Methodist Church in Singapore incorporates a “Women’s Society of Christian Service”, and its Constitution.


The purpose of the WSCS is to help women grow in the knowledge and experience of God as revealed in Jesus Christ and to challenge them to respond to God’s redemptive purpose in the world. Towards the realisation of this purpose “the WSCS shall provide opportunities and resources which will help women grow in understanding and spiritual power; increase their knowledge of needs in the world; and share in the witness, service and outreach of the church”.

The WSCS in Singapore is affiliated to the World Federation of Methodist Women and Uniting Church Women, a part of a worldwide family of Christian women from more than 60 countries. Its symbol, The Tree of Life, signifies life and vitality. The 12 fruits symbolise graces of Christian service: evangelism, medical work, education, literature, children, youth, home and family life, rural projects, economic justice, international friendship, and temperance and world peace.

(Status: The World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women is a member of the Non-Government Organisations of the United Nations, Economic and Social Council, in Consultative Status, Category II.)

Through the world body the WSCS enjoys a communication network which enables the women to work together on common goals with shared resources.

The Apostle Paul wrote to the Christians in Ephesus: “Since then I heard of this faith of yours in the Lord Jesus Christ and the practical way you are expressing it toward fellow Christians, I thank God for you.” (Ephesians 1:15).

These are magnificent words and are directed as much to the women who have dedicated their loving service to women’s work in Singapore since 1885.

Today, the WSCS woman enjoys active participation in the tasks and responsibilities of the church. Among the ministries offered to her through the Methodist Women’s Ministries are mission, Bible Study groups, social outreach, family service centres, care for the elderly, hospice, prison and various other programmes.
The WSCS believes that the local church will most effectively harmonise word and deed when men and women partner in planning and implementing the church’s vision of ministry.

If you wish to serve in the Methodist Women’s Ministries, please contact the General Conference WSCS at Tel: 6478-4760; Fax: 6478-4764; or e-mail gcwscs@methodist.org.sg

WSCS members singing joyfully in their service for the Lord. – WSCS picture.