Youngest TRAC Methodist church turns 10

Youngest TRAC Methodist church turns 10

Situated right in the heart of the Holland Village enclave, Holland Village Methodist Church (HVMC) is an active and growing congregation established on the campus of ACS (International).

Birthed in July 2007 as “Barker Road Methodist Church’s Preaching Point at ACS (International)”, it was planted out of a vision to have the church take the Great Commission to schools by providing Christian ministry to its students, staff and their families. This vision has continued to serve as a focus for HVMC as the church celebrates her 10th anniversary as a Local Conference in 2022. With a membership of 236, HVMC is Trinity Annual Conference’s (TRAC) youngest and smallest congregation, but a diverse and energetic one, with tremendous opportunity and potential for growth.

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Nourished to flourish: Building up and reaching out to every generation

HVMC’s vision is rooted in Psalm 1:1-3, which illustrates the model disciple who follows closely after God and his Word in the midst of a sinful and corrupt world. The disciple is likened to a tree, with roots planted close to water and, nourished growth but also in making disciples and helping others grow in their spiritual lives. This recalls Psalm 145:4, “One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts,” which presents the dimension of making disciples across generations.

A tree planted by living waters

ACS (International) being a Christian private school presents a unique opportunity for Christian ministry, where today 1,060 students from 22 countries (including Singapore) attend secondary school from Years 1 to 6. HVMC’s focus to provide Christian ministry to the school goes beyond conducting weekly chapel services for the school. There is a high level of integration between the church and the school, including Christian Fellowship participation in school events, and providing hospitality and pastoral care.

In addition to the church’s ministry to ACS (International), HVMC has a dynamic and engaging Children’s Ministry where almost 50 children gather weekly with a three-fold approach to develop their Heads—To know God and his will through the study of his word; to expand their Hearts—To love God and to respond in obedience to his commands; and extend their Hands—To live and serve in a manner that glorifies God and reaches the world for Jesus Christ.

Community life in HVMC is strong where many members belong to a Life Group which helps them be engaged with and accountable to one another and grow to become disciples who are disciple-makers. HVMC’s Filipino Fellowship provides a close and warm environment where the sisters can experience the love of Christ through authentic relationships, and grow through Bible study, group-sharing, leading at worship, acts of service, etc.

The church is also deeply engaged in the community around Holland Village, including supporting several low-income families living in the rental flats around the church by providing financial assistance to needy families irrespective of race or religion.

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At the crossroads

HVMC’s logo is a picture composed of mosaic pieces which together represent the faith community that God has placed at Holland Village. The overall picture resembles a crossroad, which is symbolic of the physical village the church is located in—sandwiched between the poor and the wealthy, the international community and the locals. It also represents the church’s hope to be a community that leads others into the most important crossroad of their life—to meet the living Christ, and decide to follow him.

As the church celebrates the significant milestone of 10 years, HVMC looks ahead to another crossroad where there are many opportunities for growth. The ministry to ACS (International) continues to be a focus for the church and the congregation is pivoting to give more energy to our witness to the school community. Furthermore, there is a growing interest in helping our Life Groups multiply so that many others can experience the fellowship and support which Life Groups offer.

HVMC has truly been blessed by God’s favour and provision in her last 10 years and trusts that God will continue to shape the church and strengthen her for the journey ahead.

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Content and photos courtesy of Holland Village Methodist Church