From earth to eternity

As I write this, my elderly mother is in hospital again. There are purple bruises on the back of her hands and crook of her elbows, where needles and cannulas attempted to seek a viable vein. Once more, I was confronted by my own mortality.

Biblical grandparenting – Rejoicing, Role and Responsibilities

“Congratulations, Grandpa Ho. Welcome to the club!” With these well-wishes from brothers- and sisters-in-Christ, I was pleasantly inducted into the grandparents’ club on the day my granddaughter was born last year. My wife and I had long been awaiting this day. As a family, we were overjoyed, to say the least.

5 things I’ve learnt from the first year of motherhood

It’s still early days in my parenthood journey, but I feel like God has filled the first year with so many teaching moments. Through my experiences and the wisdom of mummy friends, here are five lessons I’ve learnt. Fathers, I hope that this will help you understand what your wife, a new mother, is going through.

Stars, planets and aliens: All in a day’s work for this theologian

If you look at Rev Prof David Wilkinson’s CV, the first thing that strikes you is that he is both a scientist and a Methodist theologian. Many Methodist pastors have had very different careers before becoming pastors, but for Rev Prof Wilkinson, the change in career trajectory came immediately after he had obtained his PhD in astrophysics from Durham University in the United Kingdom.

Parenting with compassion: Tending to your children’s psychological needs

There are no easy answers as to why some children have behavioural issues such as school withdrawal, low moods, angry outbursts, anxiety and fears. We can start to understand them if we ask the question, “What unmet psychological needs could be driving these behaviours?” The idea of psychological needs is not new. In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we learn that human beings are motivated to get these needs met—the physiological needs of rest, food, safety and shelter, and at higher levels the psychological needs of love, acceptance, belonging and esteem.

Our business is doing God’s Kingdom work

In Matthew 6:33, Jesus tells us “… seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you”. Giving priority to God can take place in many aspects of our lives. How do we translate it to our daily work?

3 signs that you’re burned out from serving

29 September, 2010. That was the day I realised I was burned out. As a young Christian undergraduate, I thought that I was immune to burnout. After all, wasn’t I doing everything “right” by serving in multiple church and campus ministries every week?

Your worth is not dependent on your ability, or your disability

Rev Lai Kai Ming, who is the pastor overseeing the Children and Youth ministry at Barker Road Methodist Church (BRMC), announced earlier this month through a video recording that he was suffering from a degenerative eye disease, causing him to lose his vision. He says that this condition has even enabled him to share about God.