Finding my higher ground as a househusband

I am a househusband to a supportive wife and two children, ages six and one. In the last two years, I have spent the majority of my time managing my household through a myriad of chores which include preparing meals, upkeeping the children’s routines and housekeeping, among other things. This role was not something I had envisioned myself doing and I found myself quite unprepared for it. The sense of being unprepared continues today.

Sanctity and justice

Since 2009 the United Nations has designated 20 February as World Day of Social Justice. The purpose of this observance is to “commemorate and urge all efforts to combat unemployment, social exclusion, and poverty”.

A calling to teach the children of God

Each Sunday, over 120 children in the ever-growing Children’s Ministry at Aldersgate Methodist Church gather for a time of worship. The combination of dance actions, sign language and music engages the senses of the children and their teachers and leads them to worship God.

Is Qi compatible with the Christian faith?

Spend any time exploring Chinese culture and practice, and one will without fail come across the notion of Qi (qi in Chinese pinyin or chi in Wade-Giles romanisation). It can be variously interpreted as “steam”, “breath”, “vital energy”, “vital force”, “material force”, “matter-energy”, “organic material energy”, or “pneuma”.

Welcoming children as gifts

The past few decades have witnessed tremendous advances in the field of prenatal genetic screening. The new technologies that are being introduced promise to be game changers in the whole area of prenatal care.

Seeing the disabled in God’s image

In the past few decades, a number of churches across the different denominations have issued official statements calling their congregations to be places of inclusion and belonging, especially for people with disabilities. For example, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, in a statement published in 2011, reminds its member churches that: