A sacrament of divine love

A sacrament of divine love

As I write this article, many churches in Singapore are welcoming the return of their members to on-site Sunday services as Covid-19 measures are further relaxed by the government. The excitement of being able to gather physically in the sanctuary in such large numbers for worship is palpable, as many Christians experience a renewed sense of togetherness—the joy of being a community.

A Christian Response to the Repeal of Section 377A of the Penal Code

At the National Day Rally this year, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced the Government’s intention to repeal Section 377A of the Penal Code (“377A”) and decriminalise sex between men. PM Lee also announced that the Government would protect the definition of marriage between a man and a woman from being challenged constitutionally in the courts and would amend the Constitution in order to protect it.

Christians and the State

In his letter to the Christians in Rome, Paul carefully instructs his readers on how Christians should regard the State when he writes: “Let every person be subject to the…

On nurturing the young

An article published on the CNA website in 2021 states that according to the Singapore Census 2020, “20 per cent of Singapore residents had no religious affiliation in 2020”. This…

A legacy of faith – Tales of a Chinatown boy

Ng Fook Kah is a well-loved member of Kampong Kapor Methodist Church. In his autobiography, “Journeys of an Octogenarian”, 89-year old Ng writes of the people and events that have…