Hymning our spiritual heritage

Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs have been an integral part of the life of the Christian Church since its inception.

going home is a worthy book of letters

From describing Greenwich, New York as “the haven of low-tax suburbia, the ballast of private equity… and the monotony of finance husbands” (“another life”), to capturing the bustle of Hong Kong in a powerful image of “heels clutched from anxious feet” (“5 foundings”), Jonathan Chan’s debut poetry collection, going home is a masterful display of sensibilities.

Five ways to put Christ in Christmas

Five ways to put Christ in Christmas

Christmas evolved from the Middle English Christemass, which means Christ’s mass. As ‘mass’ refers to a church service, it should come quite naturally to most that the primary reason for Christmas would be Christ’s birth.

A theology of Christmas carols

A theology of Christmas carols

I hope lovers of Christmas carols will forgive me for saying that not all carols are created equal. Some carols contain the most profound theology of the Incarnation— which is what Christmas is all about—while others border on the sentimental.

Technological prudence

Since the dawn of what some scholars have called the modern Internet in the 1990s, the lives of millions have been inundated with “new media”.

In the beginning, the Metaverse was created… But is it good?

In the beginning, the Metaverse was created. And around the world, churches eager to enter digital missions saw that it was very good. While it might sound like a logical extension of the Great Commission, the questions that should be addressed before we begin diverting resources to Metaverse missions, are: what is the Metaverse? How does it work? What is its promise? How should the Church relate to it?