Restructuring for the future

Methodist Missions Society (MMS) conducted an Organisational Restructure Exercise to address the issues related to the emerging trends in missiology and alignment of roles according to the arising needs in the mission fields.

They call me “mama”: Parenting hostelites is part of my job

After overcoming a battle with cancer, and then serving in Faith Methodist Church for three years, I was all set for a new season of service in my life. The Board of Ministry had assigned me to serve in Timor-Leste. But when my husband and I arrived in Timor- Leste in 2020, there was a change of plans.

To grow in love

The Methodist Church in Nepal (MCN) has adopted L.O.V.E. as the acronym representing the key focus areas for MCN churches. L.O.V.E. represents Leadership Development, Organisation Framework, Vibrant Community, and Enduring Ministry.

Breaking the poverty cycle

Mdm Tan Chiew Leng, 52, has been through some rough patches in life. At the age of three, she was placed in a children’s home by her mother, where she stayed till the age of 18.

What do heroes look like?

As Christians, we honour many heroes of the Bible: Noah, Moses, Esther, Rahab, Peter, Mary Magdalene and Paul. We also cherish modern heroes of the faith like Hudson Taylor, William Carey and Corrie ten Boom.