Work as the Christian calling

In 1947, the famous British novelist, playwright and critic, Dorothy Sayers (1893–1957), made this sharp observation:

A faithful and unchanging God

The new year has dawned upon a world that remains restive and anxious. The wars in the Middle East and Ukraine continue to plod on with no end in sight, bringing immense suffering and death in their wake.

Marriage: Contract or Covenant?

Since the sexual revolution, which burst onto the scene in Western societies during the 1960s, the traditional understanding of marriage has fallen out of favour and many alternatives have been proffered.

A healthy theology of healing

One of the most influential voices in the Word of Faith Movement is that of the late Kenneth Hagin, who has been described as the father of the movement.

Reading, meditating, hearing and doing

Christians from across the different ecclesiastical traditions—Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Protestant—believe that the Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit (2 Tim 3:16-17). The Church has always held the Bible to be the Word of God through which God and his purposes for the world are revealed.

New Age seductions

According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Centre, roughly six in ten American adults who self-identify as Christian hold at least one New Age belief, which includes a belief in reincarnation, astrology, psychics and the presence of spiritual aura or energy in certain physical objects.

The storied self – Reflections on ageing and the elderly

The phrase “silver tsunami” is often used to describe the extraordinary rise in the number of older people throughout the world today. It is employed by not only politicians and academics, but also the ageing service sector.

God’s preventing grace

As we observe Aldersgate Day this month to commemorate Wesley’s transformative experience of the grace of God in his life on 24 May 1738, let us turn our attention to one aspect of his theology of grace, namely, prevenient grace.