The storied self – Reflections on ageing and the elderly

The phrase “silver tsunami” is often used to describe the extraordinary rise in the number of older people throughout the world today. It is employed by not only politicians and academics, but also the ageing service sector.

God’s preventing grace

As we observe Aldersgate Day this month to commemorate Wesley’s transformative experience of the grace of God in his life on 24 May 1738, let us turn our attention to one aspect of his theology of grace, namely, prevenient grace.

Every member in ministry

One of the many problems that have arisen in some churches in America due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with its frequent and erratic lockdowns, is the significant drop in the number of Christians serving in their respective churches.

Hymning our spiritual heritage

Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs have been an integral part of the life of the Christian Church since its inception.

A theology of Christmas carols

A theology of Christmas carols

I hope lovers of Christmas carols will forgive me for saying that not all carols are created equal. Some carols contain the most profound theology of the Incarnation— which is what Christmas is all about—while others border on the sentimental.

Technological prudence

Since the dawn of what some scholars have called the modern Internet in the 1990s, the lives of millions have been inundated with “new media”.

Spiritual friendships

One of the many issues that the coronavirus pandemic has brought to our attention is the importance of what some sociologists have called social well-being of human flourishing.

A sacrament of divine love

A sacrament of divine love

As I write this article, many churches in Singapore are welcoming the return of their members to on-site Sunday services as Covid-19 measures are further relaxed by the government. The excitement of being able to gather physically in the sanctuary in such large numbers for worship is palpable, as many Christians experience a renewed sense of togetherness—the joy of being a community.