Using art to balance technology’s dominance in worship

Technology is an inescapable part of life. Zoom conferences, artificial intelligence, image generation—much has been said about its merits and drawbacks, questioning whether technologies intended to make our lives more connected and convenient are stunting our hearts and minds.

When prayer for healing is not what is needed

In the book My Body Is Not A Prayer Request: Disability Justice In The Church, author Dr Amy Kenny writes, “Disability acts as a method for revealing the living God to the community, not something that always needs to be prayed away to showcase God’s power.”

Going forth in the Lord’s name

In our journey of faith, it is important to recognise that worship extends far beyond the walls of our churches. As Christians, we can also find divine purpose and worship God through our secular work.

The hands of Jesus

Just before we turned in for the night on Christmas Eve, my husband asked: “How was your year?” The question caught me off guard, as he would typically ask about my day, and not an entire year’s worth of days. I could not answer immediately, but upon further reflection, I realised that much of my 2023 was spent scurrying from one small task to another in a somewhat endless cycle.

Seeking God every hour

There are always simple melodies of childhood that we remember for life. I vividly recall the bedtime prayer my siblings and I recited during our primary school years.

The Christmas witness

In a time when many societies and churches are plagued by division and strife, Christian unity is not merely good and pleasant, but an imperative that acts as a powerful witness to an unbelieving world.

The restorative power of worship

The world is currently facing urgent challenges related to inequality, poverty, discrimination, and fractured families. Amid these difficulties, we have a responsibility to fully understand and tackle the complex issues affecting our communities.

Experiencing the Word through worship

During the Aldersgate Lectures in May, Rev Prof David Wilkinson gave a lecture titled “Star Wars, Star Trek & Exoplanets” that covered astrophysics, science fiction and how we as Christians fit into the galaxy alongside any possible extraterrestrial neighbours.

The role of a worship leader

Who qualifies as a worship leader? This is a question frequently raised in discussions at workshops on worship leading. Worship leading usually falls on people who are skilled in music or gifted with a good voice. But more than skills and personality, the worship leader’s role extends beyond “performance”.