Songwriters gather to craft a new Alleluia

Budding songwriters from Methodist and non-Methodist churches across Singapore congregated in Changi Cove Hotel for a songwriting retreat, called “The Faith We Sing” (TFWS), on 22 and 23 April 2023. The 2-day event, organised by the Methodist School of Music (MSM), was centred on the theme of families.

Being our children’s role model in worship

“Please rise for the Scripture reading.”
A familiar voice then started on the passage. However, after a few verses, I heard a little voice that seemed to come from the same pulpit, but there was no one to be seen. A second later, I recognised that it was the voice of the lectionary reader’s eight-year-old son.

Taking the ego out of worship

Years ago, I worked as a composer on a film project. After many hours of work, I produced what I believed was the perfect soundtrack—it hit all the correct emotional moments, the mixing was skilful, the musicians performed their parts beautifully. Pleased with myself, I hit ‘Send File’, confident that the director would love it.

Serving to complete our joy in grace

Have you encountered “charity muggers”, the people paid to conduct face-to-face solicitation on behalf of the charities who hire them? Some genuinely believe in the cause that they’re paid to promote, while others approach it with the same level of enthusiasm as a rebellious teenager forced to do something against his will.

Fred Pratt Green: The other Methodist hymn writer

Through the years, changes in worship style, culture, and musical preferences have increased the variety of congregational songs. There are hymns, contemporary songs, psalm settings, global songs, Asian hymns, gospel songs—among other genres. Which genre does your congregation love to sing?

An Irish prayer song for the new year

It is a tradition for choirs to present an offertory anthem during worship. At the TRAC 47th Session Ordination and Closing Service on 24 November 2022, the designated offertory anthem was “Christ Be With Me”.

Learning to pause

Without checking your calendar, take a moment to guess what day it is. If you have no idea, you are not alone. In
recent years, this question seems to have become more difficult to answer!

Come unto me

Come unto me

Worship for a Sunday church service usually begins with joyful praise. But how do those who come with sheer brokenness, anxiety, doubt, fear, anger or shame fully participate?

Faith exists in the community

Faith exists in the community

A brief look at the top ten worship songs on Christian Copyright Licensing International’s list reveals what many of us sing in church today—heartfelt songs to God about how he saved each of us, and how we each resolve to live for him. While there is nothing wrong with such songs, they tend to dwell on our individual salvation experiences and responses. If these are the only songs we sing, we will be missing out on a vital part of God’s redemptive plan—that God has called us to be “a holy nation, people of his own possession” (1 Pet 2:9).