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To those not celebrating Father’s Day

I have nothing against Father’s Day. My family just never had the practice of celebrating it—along with other occasions like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Maybe it was because my parents were not the sentimental sort. The most we did was to attend the big, extended-family dinners my uncles or aunties would throw for my grandfathers on both sides.

What do you mean, you want to leave your church?

“I’m thinking of leaving my church,” said one of my close friends. Later, a second and a third friend also brought this up during a meal. Soon, I could no longer count with both hands the friends who had decided to leave their church, or the Church. What was happening?

Five ways to put Christ in Christmas

Five ways to put Christ in Christmas

Christmas evolved from the Middle English Christemass, which means Christ’s mass. As ‘mass’ refers to a church service, it should come quite naturally to most that the primary reason for Christmas would be Christ’s birth.

In the beginning, the Metaverse was created… But is it good?

In the beginning, the Metaverse was created. And around the world, churches eager to enter digital missions saw that it was very good. While it might sound like a logical extension of the Great Commission, the questions that should be addressed before we begin diverting resources to Metaverse missions, are: what is the Metaverse? How does it work? What is its promise? How should the Church relate to it?

Broken like me

Broken like me

“I am thankful I got caught because otherwise I would have just continued what I was doing.”

No time for God?

THIS MONTH, as I begin my four years of university life, I am both excited, and yet fearful of the culture I am about to be immersed in. The challenge…

Delight in the Lord

THROUGHOUT OUR LIVES, we must have heard countless times that God answers our prayers in unexpected ways, or that God only helps those who help themselves. But if we think about it, how then do…

A youth’s view: Family is important

AS A 17-YEAR-OLD, my family is of the utmost importance to me. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, my parents provide for my material needs. On hindsight, I realise…