Innovation requires courage

I have been a Methodist for as long as I can remember. Despite growing up in a Methodist church, I had little comprehension of Methodism and hence,

The world is my parish too

To me, being a Methodist is to view the world as our parish. We can do this in three simple ways:

Doing good works and witnessing to the lost

I have been a member of Grace Methodist Church (GMC) since 1989. Before then, I had many opportunities to hear about God and salvation from different people of different denominations.

To Marry, Grow, and Serve

I was hopping from church to church (all non-Methodist ones) when I met a girl, Wendy, while on holiday with a few colleagues in Bali. About nine months later, I married her.

Living out Gods Word

Living out God’s Word

To me, being a Methodist is being deeply devoted to the Word of God and to the people of God, like how John Wesley and the members of the “Holy Club” gave themselves to diligently following his Word, disciplining themselves to honour God and to serve others.

Leaving a life of addiction

Leaving a life of addiction

My name is Hannah Chun and I am married with four children. I spend most of my time with my family and serving the Lord. I am a former drug addict.

How to gain, save and give all that I can

How to gain, save and give all that I can

Being a Methodist is to love God and our neighbours in all aspects of life, including through the good stewardship of wealth. This occurred to me when I started working recently.

Missions by Media

When it comes to missions, we usually think of church volunteers going abroad on short-term mission trips and full-time missionaries living among the natives. Donald Leow, a movie-maker, however, calls himself a “media missionary”.

Our Wesleyan heritage

Being a Methodist means being inspired by a founder who believed tradition was to be respected but not slavishly followed, who embraced innovation but did not do so mindlessly, and…

No turning back!

“No turning back!” That’s exactly what I have done for the past 40 years. My journey with the Methodist Church started in 1981, when my leader in The Navigators (an…