Leaving a life of addiction

Leaving a life of addiction

My name is Hannah Chun and I am married with four children. I spend most of my time with my family and serving the Lord. I am a former drug addict.

How to gain, save and give all that I can

How to gain, save and give all that I can

Being a Methodist is to love God and our neighbours in all aspects of life, including through the good stewardship of wealth. This occurred to me when I started working recently.

Missions by Media

When it comes to missions, we usually think of church volunteers going abroad on short-term mission trips and full-time missionaries living among the natives. Donald Leow, a movie-maker, however, calls himself a “media missionary”.

Our Wesleyan heritage

Being a Methodist means being inspired by a founder who believed tradition was to be respected but not slavishly followed, who embraced innovation but did not do so mindlessly, and…

No turning back!

“No turning back!” That’s exactly what I have done for the past 40 years. My journey with the Methodist Church started in 1981, when my leader in The Navigators (an…

Being an ‘altogether’ Christian

As Methodists we are inspired by Wesley’s advocacy to be an “altogether” Christian and his model for small groups, or cell groups. This model was one of John Wesley’s most…

My ‘accidental’ encounter with Methodism

My wife and I “accidentally” stumbled into a Methodist church. While asking ourselves, “is that all there is to this life?”, we found ourselves attending a Sunday service at Kampong Kapor Methodist Church in 1997, at the invitation of a close family friend.

Being a 4G Methodist

Sabina (second from left) and her family “But you, O Lord, reign forever; your throne endures to all generations.” Lamentations 5:19 My Methodist lineage is one that transcends generations. My…

A rich heritage

Kwok Wan Yee (second from left) and her family Several things mark my life as a Methodist. The first is the rich and meticulous teaching that I received from my…

A connectional church

Ps Jeremy Yap, his wife Lydia and their three children Being a Methodist means I have been adopted and connected to a large and loving family of God. While I…