The Social Principles

The Social Principles of The Methodist Church in Singapore

Approved and adopted by the General Conference of The Methodist Church in Singapore in Decemeber 2020, the Social Principles form a part of The Book of Discipline (2022), and serve to remind us of our Wesleyan concern for social as well as personal holiness.

  • Section I. Our Methodist Heritage
  • Section II. Our Methodist Theological Basis for Social Concerns
  • Section III. Our Methodist Social Principles
  • The Sphere of the Family
  • The Sphere of Economics
  • The Sphere of Politics
  • The Sphere of Community Life
  • The Sphere of the Internet, Sciences and Technologies
  • The Sphere of Social Wellbeing
  • The Sphere of Creation Care
  • The Sphere of the Church
  • Section IV. Our Methodist Social Creed


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