The Faith-Sharing New Testament with the Psalms

The “Faith-Sharing New Testament with the Psalms” is now available at the Methodist Centre. Published by The Methodist Church in Singapore (MCS) in connection with the Bible Society of Singapore, the book will make a great Christmas gift for relatives and friends.

Limited stocks of the “Faith-Sharing New Testament with the Psalms” are available in English and Chinese. The “Faith-Sharing New Testament” includes guidelines for leading persons to faith.

Since early times, the writings of the New Testament and the Psalms have been central to the church’s proclamation, devotion and theology. Giving someone a copy of this “Faith-Sharing New Testament” is a way to continue this legacy and make a difference for someone who does not know Christ.

The “Faith-Sharing New Testament” makes use of the New Revised Standard Version, which seeks to follow the original languages accurately, while using current English and avoiding language that is unnecessarily prejudicial.

You may purchase this New Testament for only S$5 by placing your order with us. For more details, please email or call +65 64784769.