MCS official position on homosexuality

What is the official position of The Methodist Church in Singapore (MCS) on homosexuality?

The MCS’ official statement is: “We consider the practice of homosexuality to be incompatible with Christian teachings. However, we do recognise that homosexual persons are individuals of sacred worth. They need the ministry and guidance of the Church as well as the spiritual and emotional support of a caring fellowship.” This is stated in The Book of Discipline of The Methodist Church in Singapore, under ‘Social Principles’, ¶84.3(c). This version of the Social Principles was formally adopted by the 1996 General Conference of the MCS.

Further reading on the MCS’ official stand on homosexuality may be found in this article, formally endorsed by the MCS General Conference in 2004.

Some confusion regarding the MCS’ stance may have arisen from reports circulating in December 2017 of a group of Methodist pastors attending a presentation on the concerns of Christians who identify as homosexual. In response to the reports, some of those in attendance have clarified in their personal capacity that the presenter had been invited to share at one of the Methodist pastors’ monthly fellowship gatherings, alongside another presenter who recently did a survey among the LGBT community. The goal of inviting these presenters was not to accept and endorse the homosexual lifestyle, particularly in view of the official Methodist position, but for pastors to better understand and converse with LGBT Christians, to hold more helpful conversations with them in attempting to provide better biblical guidance and mentoring in their lives, for the purpose of Christian discipleship.

It is hoped the above clarifies any thought or concern that the Methodist Church may be moving towards embracing or endorsing the practice of homosexuality.