Methodist Schools

The Methodist Church in Singapore (MCS) is committed to offering quality, all-round holistic education. Since 1886, it has pioneered and invested in schools which nurture their students’ mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual development.

The MCS’s educational mission is to nurture each new generation of students, raising them to be men and women of godly character and integrity, equipped to make a responsible contribution to society. This mission is an expression of the MCS’s service to the community, regardless of race or religion.

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Christian Ministry in Schools

The aim of MCS’s Christian Ministry in Schools is to provide pastoral care and ministry to students, teachers, school leaders and parents of Methodist schools.

Christian Ministry Staff (CMS) who are assigned to the various Methodist schools assist the School Chaplain(s). They also work closely with the Principal under the supervision of the Director of Ministry in Schools (DMS).

This ministry encompasses:

  • Overseeing the planning and running of the school chapel programme and devotions, and student ministry programmes and activities,
  • Organising camps and events during school term and during holidays,
  • Counselling,
  • Developing and implementing curriculum,
  • Building relationships and rapport with the students, teachers, and parents.

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