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Music to the ears to hear MSM student accept Christ

LIFE before becoming a Christian was fraught with uncertainties and fears. Fear of being incapable or unable to achieve goals and ideals; fear of peoples’ reactions and opinions of my actions; fear of the unknown and the continuous nagging feeling of whether the right choices in life were made.

I have always had the firm conviction that a higher being was involved in the creation of the world. The flora and fauna that inhabit this Earth must have been the doing of this higher being. The miracle of life itself is proof that something else has always been out there.

I have come to realise that we cannot lead a meaningful life without acknowledging the existence and omnipresence of God. Thus with the help of a group of supportive friends I said the sinner’s prayer and accepted Christ in early 2001.

It has been a very long process since then but I have not faltered due to the support I have received along the way from a number of students and staff from the Methodist School of Music. I am truly blessed to be able to know so many people who share the same passion for organ music. I was finally baptised in September 2003; I have to thank these same people for their relentless reminders of its importance.

Many changes to my life have occurred. Some were rather abrupt, or took a while to resolve, while other areas are still in a state of flux. I have recognised the flaws in the teachings of other monotheistic religions. My own outlook on life has improved now that I have been able to rely on the strength and help of our Lord to face any challenges along the way.

I would really like to learn to live in a way that not my will but His is done. Accordingly, I seek to learn more about Him, and pray for the motivation and wisdom to do so.

Ong Te-Min, an organ student at the Methodist School of Music, worships at Paya Lebar Methodist Church.


Mr Ong Te-Min: “We cannot lead a meaningful life without acknowledging the existence and omnipresence of God.” — MSM picture.