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LIFE STORY: MWS 40TH ANNIVERSARY THANKSGIVING SHOW – A celebration of positive change, transformation and hope

Methodist Festival Choir

In what was the culmination of a year-long celebration of Methodist Welfare Services’ (MWS) establishment 40 years ago, MWS held a virtual thanksgiving show on 3 Dec 2021 that showcased some of the classiest acts in Asia to raise funds for MWS’ critical services.

LIFE STORY was a celebration of MWS’ Life Story of empowering people to have life to the full, and the many stories of positive change, transformation and hope witnessed through the hundreds and thousands of lives MWS has cared for.

More than 300 in the audience witnessed captivating performances by Kit Chan, one of Singapore’s most established and beloved artistes, and a rare appearance by veteran powerhouse Frances Yip, both of whom specially recorded their performances for MWS. In particular, Kit Chan shared how she learnt to “let go and let God”, and among several songs, performed one entitled “A Time for Everything”, which was inspired by Ecclesiastes 3:1–8.

Other performers included the Methodist Festival Choir, the non-profit arts group The TENG Ensemble, and Loaves & Fishes, a quartet comprising mother and son duo Imelda Teo and Joshua Low, and their good friends Chan Xingwei and Michelle Yap.

If the music was a balm for the soul, the beneficiaries’ life stories were faith-affirming. Especially powerful was the story of 64-year-old Mdm Deborah Koh, who was caregiver to her late husband, a former patient of MWS Home Care & Home Hospice (MWS HCHH). Her story of overcoming fear and doubts, reconciliation in a broken marriage and a life set free in Christ is testament to the power of MWS’ holistic care and commitment to our mission.1

To help raise funds, staff and beneficiaries from seven MWS centres and programmes co-created unique art pieces that were put up for auction. In addition, MWS CEO Ms Junie Foo, whose art is treasured by collectors in different continents, contributed six artworks specially created for this event. Audience could also donate for Thanksgiving Packages that comprise curated culinary delights from the celebrated kitchens of Les Amis Group restaurants, gifts from social enterprise partners, and donor acknowledgement.

Special guests who graced the event included Rev Dr Gordon Wong, Bishop of The Methodist Church in Singapore; Mr Tan Kwang Cheak, CEO of the Agency for Integrated Care; and Mrs Fong Loo Fern, Chairperson of MWS Board of Governance.

40 years ago, a few Methodist volunteers were moved by the growing needs of the sick and poor in Singapore. That seeded the establishment of MWS’ first centre—the Methodist Home for the Aged Sick—that admitted its first six elderly sick in 1983. 40 years on, even with 21 centres and programmes and over 8,000 beneficiaries, what has not changed is the mission to keep empowering those in need so that they may find life to the full.

Truth be told, every life empowered translates to improved circumstances for a whole family, a whole community and potentially a whole generation. By God’s grace, may MWS continue to make lasting impact for the next 40 years and more.

1 Read Mdm Koh’s story at https://mws.sg/mws40th-40-stories.

Kit Chan, one of Singapore’s most beloved artistes
Methodist Festival Choir
Veteran powerhouse performer Frances Yip
Loaves & Fishes
Auction of artworks co-created by MWS CEO Junie Foo, staff and beneficiaries
Deborah Koh, caregiver to her late husband, a former patient of MWS Home Care & Home Hospice

By the Methodist Welfare Services (MWS) Communications Team / Photos and visuals courtesy of MWS